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Proposition 10, California’s proposal to strengthen rent control, defeated at the polls

Proposition 10 has failed at the ballot box, leaving the state’s limits on rent control intact.

Supporters conceded tonight, with early results showing the measure trailing by a wide margin of 35 to 65 percent.

Proposition 10 would have repealed a California law that limits how cities enact rent c…

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Want more from city hall? Then pay up

It’s that time of year when many of us follow the ups and downs of gas prices following the summer driving season. Maybe you’re the sort to rush out of your way to the gas station that’s a few cents a litre cheaper.

Columnist John Clark.

Columnist John Clark is Vice President with The Regional Group of Companies In…

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Tuesday's Must Reads

by Nena Perry-Brown


This article originally published at https://d…

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Could Amtrak service between Detroit and Toronto reopen?

There hasn’t been passenger rail connecting Detroit and Toronto since the late 1960s. Amtrak wants that to change.

In its annual report submitted to Congress that includes grant requests for 2020, the rail operator included a line item labeled “Restoration of the Detroit-Toronto Service.”


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LA Metro approves $3.2B Purple Line extension budget

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Will Fuel City and its tacos come to Cedar Hill? Not if neighbors have their way

If built, the Cedar Hill Fuel City would be the company's first that doesn't cater to 18-wheelers. The gas station, car wash and 12-animal "zoo" also wouldn't feature the music, karaoke and outdoor nightlife that Fuel City is known for along Riverfront Drive in downtown Dallas.

Bickham said Fuel C…

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Edison now facing at least seven lawsuits over Woolsey Fire

The cause of the Woolsey Fire that killed three people and destroyed hundreds of homes in Malibu in November is still under investigation. But a group of more than 100 property owners allege in a lawsuit filed this week that Southern California Edison and Boeing failed to protect the public from the…

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The LA party manifesto

When life tilted me from the East Coast to the west, I didn’t intend to stay. I’d lost my job as the internet reporter in a layoff at MSNBC over two years before, and was thrilled to have finally landed a new one in public radio in Los Angeles—even if it meant leaving a lovely apartment I owned in m…

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Gehry-designed Grand locks up $630M in construction financing from Deutsche Bank

Gehry-designed Grand locks up $630M in construction financing from Deutsche Bank

Related Companies and CORE plan to break ground in the coming months

Related Urban Senior Vice President Rick Vogel and a rendering of The Grand

Related Comp…

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